Comment on Amber’s ‘The End of the Road Post’ on Nov. 15

“With this class, since it’s so new, we kinda knew what we were going to encounter and then we kinda didn’t.”

I know what you mean.  I was told what this class would entail but that didn’t prepare me for what we actually did and what I learned and also how much fun I’ve had.  In a way I believe it was a good thing I ended up being a little surprised because I believe that was a large part of why I became attached to the work we accomplished this semester, even though work really isn’t the right word.

I also feel that we succeeded.  Sometimes, even though we would all like to be prepared for what comes next, it turns out to be a good thing to be surprised and be forced to compensate.  You either realize what you are capable of or you adjust and come out of the experience a stronger person overall.

—I wasn’t quite sure how to post this comment because I could not find the comment area on her tumblr, i just really like her post from Nov. 15 and wanted to comment on it.  I am posting it here, as a comment under her post under blackboard, and as an entry under my name on blackboard as well.