The Lesson

With graduation quickly approaching, many thoughts previously procrastinated upon have taken a more predominant role in my mind: what have I accomplished during my time at VCU? What have I learned that will help me prevail in the current job market? What did I truly enjoy? And most importantly and integral to my current situation, what comes next? What happens now?

First and foremost, the number one skill I believe I have learned in college is stay true to what I love and do what is necessary to achieve my goals.  The lazy days of procrastination and ‘lollygagging’ are in behind us. Now is the time to DO, not wait. If greatness is to be achieved, motivation is necessary, and leaving the warmth of the ‘comfort zone’ is an important motion I hope to turn into a habit. Taking this class was monumental for me in understanding this feat, how difficult it can be, but also the rewards that can be reaped from taking such risks. Furthermore, taking this class was not the foundational step in discovering this gem of information, it was what I saw in the young adults at UMFS that allowed me to fully understand what it means to break out of yourself, try new things, and learn from your mistakes in order to better oneself in skill and in personality.

Second, I can say that I truly did enjoy leaving my comfort zone in order to traverse the intricate world of Journalism. I have learned the ins and outs of rules surrounding this delicate field, as well as fully understanding and categorizing the pros and cons of being a great journalist. I have come to better understand people in my efforts to properly conduct interviews, whether it be for a story on the James River or one on a controversial government bill, or even a story on living with a serious illness in which my interview subjects have lost loved ones. Watching the students at UMFS begin the semester with hesitation and end with confidence and a general appreciation for my time with them was total culmination of my own growth as a student, individual and now graduate in the field of journalism.

Lastly, and not so unfortunately, I still do not know what will happen next. I say it is not unfortunate with pride because I can say that the future should not be so terrifying if you are doing all you can to make the appropriate and most fulfilling decisions in the present. This is what I have learned from working at UMFS this past semester. It is the present that can scare and deter, but if you remember to chose the path that can help you achieve greatness, the future, while difficult at times, and ridden with obstacles, there won’t be anything in your way that can stop you. In the end, the only thing standing between me and my ultimate aim is myself. It was a grand lesson, college.

Below is a video clip from the Reach Back, Pull Forward Program associated under the non-profit organization, Girls with Gifts, which is dedicated to helping young ladies from low income families achieve greatness in the arts, performing arts, and music.